They are self-propelled irrigation systems that are walking alone as they watered cloth of a long and variable width depending on the model, the available flow and pressure.
Operate at low pressure, 3 1 / 2 to 4 kg (55 to 60 lbs.) On the machine.
Traveling through this site can be viewed, and printed, the technical specifications of these models 

Modelo 80-160

Data sheet


It rain cover in the  maximum capacity  100-120 meters of width x 500 meters of length in 8 or 10 working hours. It works with a wealth of between 25 and 42 liters per second or between 80 and 160.000 liters hour and the pressure needed in the machine belongs to 4 Kg or bar (approximately 50 or 60 pounds). Necessary power estimated between 90 and 120 hp as it is since one arranges the water. The hose is of synthetic rubber with textile mesh of Polyester and his inside diameter is of 4 inches. The gun water-sprinkler is the PS 40 part circle. Capacity of irrigation in 20 hours, 12-15 hectares with 20-25 mm of rain.

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