They are self-propelled irrigation systems that are walking alone as they watered cloth of a long and variable width depending on the model, the available flow and pressure.
Operate at low pressure, 3 1 / 2 to 4 kg (55 to 60 lbs.) On the machine.
Traveling through this site can be viewed, and printed, the technical specifications of these models 




Modelo 5-15
Model 5-15

Modelo 10-30
model 10-30

Modelo 15-25
model 15-25

Modelo 30-75
model 30-75

Modelo 80-160
model 80-160

Bombeo de Pozos
bombeo de pozos

Cultivos con Riego
irrigated crops

Equipos para Acequias
ditches equipment

Esquema de Funcionamiento
Operating scheme


Tractobombas para Acequias
tract to ditch pumps

Tuberias y Mangueras
pipes and hoses

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